Become more confident while speaking English.

I will help you learn (and chose) the appropriate vocabulary, grammar structures and pronunciation to express yourself effectively and clearly.

There are many advantages to learning through individual lessons. The lesson time can be programmed according to your life and work commitments and each lesson can be customized to your specific needs.

 -Talk face-to-face

- *See* your coach and practice speaking with a native speaker who will help you correct your pronunciation via Skype or Zoom.

-Interactive Lessons

-Interactive ESL content designed specifically to improve your speaking will be shared during each lesson.

-Rewatch lessons

-You will receive a recording of the lesson with comments on you can improve and review topics like accent reduction, vocabulary and grammar.

Become the fluent English speaker that you want to be.

Schedule a free 15-minute video chat to ask questions and find out more about the coach's teaching style and develop a learning plan specifically for you. 

Choose the best time for you here below ...

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