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Meet Maria: Your Guide to Mastering English

In the picture on this page, I'm the person on the left. 

Hi there! I'm Maria.  If you're curious, that's me on the left in the photo, sharing a moment with my beautiful Akita Inu.

Since 1994, I've dedicated my life to breaking down language barriers. My journey has allowed me to guide thousands in discovering, embracing, and truly expressing their authentic selves in English—a journey not just of language learning but of transformation.

The impact of enhancing English proficiency is profound, opening doors to opportunities and fostering personal growth that many had never imagined possible.

Here's What I Offer You

With me, language learning transcends the basics. It's about finding your voice in English, enabling you to communicate with the same ease and nuance as you do in your native tongue.

Let's embark on this journey together. I'm here to unlock your potential to express yourself fully and confidently in English, propelling you towards your professional and personal aspirations.

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My Journey: From Global Nomad
to Your English Empowerment Coach

Online English Coach, Business English, American English Pronunciation Coaching
Online English Coach, Business English, American English Pronunciation Coaching

Hello, I'm your bridge to mastering professional English, born from a life woven through the diverse tapestries of cultures and languages.  As an "Army BRAT"—a child of career military personnel—I've lived a life marked by frequent moves across continents, from the vibrant landscapes of California and Virginia to the historical depths of Germany, Korea, and Italy. This unique upbringing, immersed in varied cultures, sparked my passion for languages and understanding across borders, laying the foundation for my career in English coaching.

With a rich background working for leading multinational corporations and teaching at private academies, I realized my true calling was in directly empowering non-native English professionals. Holding a CELTA certification from the University of Cambridge and further qualifications from the British Council and pronunciation expert Mark Hancock, I've dedicated myself since 2012 to transforming English language learners into confident, proficient communicators.

In 2020, driven by a vision to offer more personalized and effective English learning experiences, I founded my online English coaching business. Drawing from the best teaching methodologies, I've crafted specialized programs aimed at accelerating your journey to professional fluency and career advancement.

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

Having navigated the challenges of adapting to new cultures and languages myself, I bring empathy and understanding to our sessions. I know the frustration of feeling misunderstood in professional settings, and I'm here to guide you past those barriers. My mission is to empower you to confidently navigate the English-speaking business world, fully expressing your capabilities and making your mark.

Transform Your English, Transform Your Career

Are language barriers holding you back in your career? Imagine leading meetings with confidence, delivering persuasive presentations, and building strong, meaningful connections with colleagues and clients worldwide. With my coaching, these scenarios can become your reality.

My programs are tailored to address the unique challenges professionals face in English communication, from mastering business writing to enhancing your public speaking and networking skills. As your coach, I offer not just language training but a pathway to confidently express your professional identity in English.

The English Coach: Your Partner in Professional Growth

My online English communications coaching business is more than just a learning platform; it's your stepping stone to global professional success. Here, you can perfect your grammar, pronunciation, and overall communication skills, ensuring you stand out in the workplace.

Unlock doors to new opportunities and career growth by investing in your English communication skills. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking your full potential.

Ready to Elevate Your English and Your Career?

Click here for a personalized evaluation of your English proficiency and discover how we can achieve your professional aspirations together.

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Speak English with Confidence 

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"I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious"

Albert Einstein

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Bachelor's Degree

University of Maryland

Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Public Policy

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Cambridge Assessment English

CELTA - Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

English Pronunciation Teaching

Mark Hancock & Veigga

Hancock and Veigga Pronunciation Course for Teachers

Teach English Now!

Arizona State University

Foundational Principles in Teaching English as a foreign language

English in Early Childhood – Language Learning and Development

British Council

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Proficiency based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

ENGLISH - Native Speaker

ITALIAN - C2 Advanced Mastery

GERMAN - B1 Independent User - Threshold

SPANISH - A2 Basic User Waystage

CROATIAN - A1 Basic User Breakthrough

FRENCH - A1 Basic User Breakthrough

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Speexx Rating

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My Values

I value clear and honest communication and enjoy making sense of the complexities and nuances of life.

I believe that every participation is worthy. Nurturing education and development is a top priority for me.

As an individual, maintaining good principals and ethical values without

compromising is essential. 

A person cannot experience or know everything. Listening to and respecting each other is essential to learning and living together.

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