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Hi! I am Maria.

In the picture on this page, I'm the person on the left. 

I've been helping people communicate in English since 1994. 


So far, I have helped thousands of people to realize, embrace and express themselves while speaking English, a foreign language to them.


Improving English has led to some tremendous changes in their lives.


So, this is what I'm going to do with you. 

I can help you find your unique way to express yourself in English, exactly how you intended to in your native language.

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My story

Online English Coach, Business English, American English Pronunciation Coaching
Online English Coach, Business English, American English Pronunciation Coaching

I'm what in America is called an "Army BRAT."

B.R.A.T. is an acronym to define children whose parents are career military personnel, and therefore they are B-being R-relocated A-all(the) T-(time) since their parents often move from one location to another for work. 

I have traveled quite a bit while growing up. My parents had to work in various countries, and we relocated approximately every three years. I lived in California, Virginia, Maryland, Germany, Korea, and Italy, where I currently live. Growing up as an Army BRAT, I was immersed in a world of constant change and cultural diversity. From California to Korea, each new location brought its unique language and customs. This upbringing ignited my passion for languages, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn German, French, and Italian.

After an extensive period working for major multinational companies and working part-time as a teacher for various private academies, I decided to support my non-native English students in their language journey full-time in 2012. I qualified to teach English as a foreign language (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge in 2007. I've acquired certifications from the British Council, the University of Arizona, and Mark Hancock (a renowned pronunciation instructor and author). 

After working for various private academies that didn't have a set curriculum and didn't align with my didactic principles, in 2020, I started my own online English business. I took the most effective English teaching methods, developed my own programs, and designed specialized 1:1 English programs to help my clients reach their English and career goals as quickly as possible.

Since opening my online business, I have invested tons of time and money learning everything I can about business marketing, sales, presentations, interview/resume skills, and more in order to provide the highest-quality education possible to people like you. 

Through my own language journey, I experienced firsthand the challenges of adapting to a foreign culture and expressing myself effectively in a second language. These experiences shaped my teaching approach and instilled in me a deep empathy for non-native English professionals facing similar obstacles in their careers.


I understand the frustration of not fully comprehending what is being said in a professional setting or struggling to convey ideas precisely as intended. That's why I'm committed to helping you overcome these hurdles. I want to empower you to confidently navigate the English-speaking business world, leaving behind any feelings of being a fish out of water. 

Learning a new language is a journey into a new culture and mentality that can be intimidating, especially if you need to use English at work – a moment in which your professionalism is scrutinized. You may not understand what is being said, or you're unable to get your message across exactly how you intended, creating misunderstanding and confusion. 

Are you tired of feeling like your true potential is hindered by language barriers?

Imagine confidently speaking up in meetings, delivering impactful presentations, and engaging in smooth and meaningful conversations with colleagues and clients.​

As your coach, I bring not only my extensive teaching experience and qualifications but also a genuine understanding of the emotions and challenges that come with language learning. I firmly believe that with the right guidance and support, you can achieve fluency and confidently express your true self, even in a foreign language.​

Together, we'll address the specific pain points that often arise in professional settings. Whether it's mastering effective email writing, refining your public speaking skills, or enhancing your networking abilities, my coaching programs are designed to tackle these hurdles head-on.

The English Coach is my Online English Communications Coaching Business: a place where you can clarify grammar doubts, improve your pronunciation, and feel less like a fish out of water when you speak English at work. 


Imagine the doors that will open when you can express yourself confidently and clearly, making lasting impressions on colleagues, clients, and superiors. By investing in your English communication skills, you're investing in your professional growth and expanding your career horizons.

Ready to take the leap and transform your English communication abilities? 

Let's work together to unlock your full potential.

Click here and I will evaluate your English proficiency and give you suggestions on how to improve. 

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Speak English with Confidence 

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"I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious"

Albert Einstein

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Bachelor's Degree

University of Maryland

Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Public Policy

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Cambridge Assessment English

CELTA - Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

English Pronunciation Teaching

Mark Hancock & Veigga

Hancock and Veigga Pronunciation Course for Teachers

Teach English Now!

Arizona State University

Foundational Principles in Teaching English as a foreign language

English in Early Childhood – Language Learning and Development

British Council

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Proficiency based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

ENGLISH - Native Speaker

ITALIAN - C2 Advanced Mastery

GERMAN - B1 Independent User - Threshold

SPANISH - A2 Basic User Waystage

CROATIAN - A1 Basic User Breakthrough

FRENCH - A1 Basic User Breakthrough

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Speexx Rating

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My Values

I value clear and honest communication and enjoy making sense of the complexities and nuances of life.

I believe that every participation is worthy. Nurturing education and development is a top priority for me.

As an individual, maintaining good principals and ethical values without

compromising is essential. 

A person cannot experience or know everything. Listening to and respecting each other is essential to learning and living together.

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