I'm Maria Portillo

I'm The English Coach.

I’m what in America is called an “Army BRAT.”

This is an acronym to describe children whose parents are career military personnel and therefore they are B-being R-relocated A-all(the) T-(time).

Yes, I traveled quite a bit while growing up. My parents had to work in various countries, and we moved house almost every three years. I lived in California, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as in Germany, Korea, and Italy, where I currently live.

I developed a love for languages very young. I didn’t learn Korean, but I did learn German, French, Italian, but I’ll share a secret with you...

 ....I’m still learning them all! So, believe me, I understand what it means to learn a language. I know your struggles.

So, after teaching in various private language schools for over 25 years, I wanted to figure out how learning English could fit into a students’ busy lifestyle.


I decided to capitalize on technology and keep learning English simple, dynamic, and engaging so that students can continue learning even outside a physical classroom, whenever time was available.

The English Coach is my online classroom: a place where you can take online video lessons, attend an online workshop, or book an online lesson with me.

It's nice to meet you.








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