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International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of February and the purpose of this day is to raise awareness of language, cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world.

The reason why International Mother Language Day falls on 21st February is that, in 1952, four young students were killed in Bangladesh during a protest because of a Bengali and Urdu language controversy.

After this unfortunate incident and many years of unrest, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to make International Mother Language Day an annual event, celebrated around the world. It was first observed on February 21st, 2000.

7000. That's the number of languages spoken around the world 🌎 today. Linguistic diversity is our common treasure filled with cultural & intellectual heritage. We must preserve it!

LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY is increasingly threatened as more and more languages disappear. Globally 40 per cent of the population does not have access to an education in a language they speak or understand. Nevertheless, progress is being made in mother tongue-based multilingual education with growing understanding of its importance, particularly in early schooling, and more commitment to its development in public life.

How can technology help advance multilingual education and support quality teaching?

Join @UNESCO's #MotherLanguageDay celebration and tune in LIVE on 21 Feb from 11am to 1pm Paris time.

Today is International Mother Language Day - What is it  and why did UNESCO establish this holiday.
International Mother Language Day


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